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Insights > Choosing a Removal Company - The 11 Most Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Choosing a Removal Company - The 11 Most Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Are you looking to move home in Essex, but don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing the right removals company?

Your choice can be the difference between a smooth, stress-free move, and a day of dread for all involved. Remember, you’re not just moving possessions, you’re moving memories. So, it is essential to put a lot of thought into choosing your removals company to avoid the common mistakes that make moving day a drag.

What are these major mistakes we hear you ask? At Reliable Moving & Storage, we take great care to prevent these becoming a problem for movers in Essex and beyond. By avoiding these 11 blunders, you’ll be making your new house a home in no time.


Mistake #1 –Waiting Too Long

First and foremost, give yourself plenty of time to decide on the right removals company. Choosing who you trust with your belongings is not something to be taken lightly. Contact them around four weeks prior to your exchange date, before your solicitor gives you a provisional date for everything to be completed. Our team at Reliable will hold you to this date once you’ve pencilled it in, giving you time to make all necessary arrangements.


Mistake #2 – Is Your Booking Set in Stone?

Once you’ve been through the exchange and completion process and know exactly when you move, you don’t want the wheels to suddenly stop turning. At Reliable, we lock your moving date in our diary and it won’t budge unless you say so. We call five days in advance to check if alternative arrangements need to be made. But not all removal companies in Essex are quite as courteous.

It isn’t unheard of for companies to cancel jobs to take on more valuable opportunities, especially during busier periods. Of course, this can leave you rushing to find a replacement. So, ensure you have a watertight agreement that the company will arrive when you expect.


Mistake #3 – Not Checking Reviews

Taking the time to read reviews of removals companies near you will save you a lot of frustration on moving day (and may even give you a few laughs!). If a company is not recommended, it should be an instant red flag, no matter how cheap and cheerful they appear on the surface.

Don’t just settle for feedback from friends and family – websites like Trust A Trader offer in-depth reviews from 100% verified movers. By checking these, you can separate the wheat from the chaff.


Mistake #4 – Miss Out on Memberships

Affiliation with the British Association of Removers (BAR) is a stamp of quality for removals companies. When you choose a company that has this accreditation, you know they represent a national standard and are trusted within their industry. So, when you see the BAR, you can expect the best.


Mistake #5 – Don’t Insist on a Property Visit…

At Reliable, we insist on visiting the property of anyone interested in our home removals services in Essex.. This is key as it helps your dedicated team plan the perfect move, from parking access and removing furniture, to what size of vehicle will be required. We have the largest and most varied fleet in the region, meaning once we’ve made our house call, prep can begin for a smooth move.


Mistake #6 – …Or Avoid Visiting the Company

A great sign a company is confident in their skills is bringing people behind the scenes. That is why we’re more than happy for you to join us for a cuppa at our offices. The chance to meet the team, check out our fleet and get a sense of our services should give you the same confidence we have of delivering a smooth, successful move.


Mistake #7 – Assuming What Your Removal Company Does

“Removals company” is not a universal term. Exactly what are you getting for your money? For instance, our team offer a number of optional extras to tailor our moves, from delivering boxes and professional packing, to short and long-term storage. Don’t assume xyz will be covered – get a comprehensive quote and negotiate with the company.


Mistake #8 – No Uniforms?

t might sound silly on the surface, but a uniform is a sure sign of professionalism. It highlights that your removals company is confident in the quality of their team because any mistake would have their branding all over it. The alternative is that a company is using agency staff, who often do not share the same standards as full-time staff. So, make sure you look out for that logo!


Mistake #9 – Don’t Check their Insurance

Insurance cover is essential for every move, regardless of how skilled a removals company appears. Make sure you do your research or ask about their insurance for goods in transit to ensure your belongings are covered; otherwise this could be something you need to arrange yourself. For instance, our wrapping and packing service insures your goods against damage, giving you peace of mind on moving day.


Mistake #10 – Being Held to Ransom

Sadly, there have been cases of removals companies, both in Essex and across the UK, asking for additional payments during the move. This is extremely unprofessional and something our team at Reliable will never impose on our customers.

We highly recommend double-checking the terms and conditions of the company you select, as well as thoroughly examine your quote. There you can see all of the services covered as part of your deal, and that nothing unexpected has been added. By protecting yourself in these documents, no hidden costs will ruin your moving day.


Mistake #11 – Settling for Cash in Hand

Finally, it’s important to check your removals company offers several types of payment for their services, rather than just cash-in-hand companies. Of course, we do accept cash payments, but also are just as happy with cards and bank transfers.

It is not just the method of payment you need to think about, but also how it is recorded. When you book with us, all payments will be run through our books, so there’ll be no shady activity that leaves you vulnerable. Instead, you’ll be left with no doubt that your moving day was value for money.


Make No Mistake with Reliable Moving & Storage

So, are you still looking for the right removals company in Essex? Reliable’s main focus is customer care, and has been for nearly 30 years. Whether you are moving in or moving out, to or from Essex, our efficient process ensures your belongings are in the safest hands around. Avoid the common moving mishaps by completing an instant estimate with us – you’ll know you’ve made no mistake by bringing us on your journey.

Want to know more? Contact our main office in Basildon today on 01268 205 010, or get your instant estimate and a member of the team will be in touch!



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